Video Collection

On this page I will be placing interesting videos for the entertainment of my friends and customers and I will be pleased to receive your video links and if we can, we will place them on this page for the enjoyment of other readers.

With best wishes to you all, Imtiaz

The Round Tower, Girne, North Cyprus – A Heritage gem and a place of interest full of those things you are looking for. To read more click here.

St Fanourios Church, Karaoĝlanoĝlu – North Cyprus – A glimpse back at history through the ages and a place of worship to this day. To read more click here

Back to Akincilar, the Hidden Village – A fascinating place which still retains its special Turkish Cypriot village way of life. To read about Akincilar click here.

6th Lapta Tourism Festival – The world meets – People from around the world came for the 6th Lapta Tourism Festival. To read more click here.

Devon (aka Mr Rodeo) at Al Shaheen, Karakum

Devon (Rodeo Man) came to visit us recently and you can read all about the splendid evening we had by clicking here


Pakistani Culture and Tourism

This video was presented at the Pakistani Evening at the Univeristy of Saarbrucken, Germany. The video provides glimpses of the Spectrum of Pakistani culture and its tourism.


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