A monster Yorkshire at Al Shaheen, Karakum

A monster Yorkshire at Al Shaheen,




Occasionally it’s nice to go out and have lunch or an evening meal and on Sunday 6th September we had gone along to the Pia Bella sports field to enjoy the SOS Children’s Festival and take photographs in preparation for writing an article.

It was yet another blistering hot day and after a while we decided we needed to retreat from the heat so we went along to a favourite restaurant Al Shaheen in Karakum knowing we could sit on the veranda under umbrellas and cool down with a nice cold drink.

Being mid afternoon we decided to have lunch and ordered their very tasty cheese and broccoli soup and so nice was it, that we asked for more toast to help it on its way.

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VILLAGE LIFE – Al Shaheen Restaurant and Bar, Karakum

Village Life – Karakum
Al Shaheen Restaurant

always popular for people wanting a nice night out with good food and some music to listen or dance to

By Margaret Sheard

It was some time ago when I popped into Al Shaheen Restaurant in Karakum Al Shaheen photowith Chris for a late dinner as I hadn’t had time to cook that evening. The restaurant is run by partners Imtiaz Ahmed and Muhammad Ashraf.  Although I have known Ashraf for around 8 years and Imtiaz for nearly as long, I really didn’t know a lot about them personally and so asked them for a little bit of information about themselves. Continue reading

Country Night at Al Shaheen, Karakum

Country Night at
Al Shaheen, Karakum

It was a great evening and Simon Burridge (aka Mr Rodeo) was in terrific form

By Margaret Sheard
Newspaper article first published in July 2012

I had been looking forward to the Country Night at Al Shaheen Mr Rodeoand to see and hear Devon (Mr Rodeo) performing. I was not disappointed, it was a great evening and Simon Burridge (aka Mr Rodeo) was in terrific form and gave a very energetic performance, in fact by the end of the evening his T-shirt was soaking wet. Simon encouraged the audience to participate, which they did, and there was a lot of dancing to both country and rock and roll songs. Some of the Phoenix Line Dancers were there to enjoy the evening and they took to the floor on many occasions giving us all a taste of how line dancing should be done and they were extremely good.

Imtiaz and Ashraf were both there to greet their customers and from the time we arrived both of them, Dancing the night awayand their staff, were dashing around serving food and drinks and this did not stop all evening, they all worked so hard but I think they all enjoyed the entertainment as well. Continue reading