Al Shaheen Restaurant, Karakum


always popular for people wanting a nice night out
with good food and some music to listen or dance to

By Margaret Sheard
Newspaper article first published in June 2012

I recently poppedAl Shaheen Restaurant into Al Shaheen Restaurant in Karakum with Chris for a late dinner as I hadn’t had time to cook that evening. The restaurant is run by partners Imtiaz Ahmed and Muhammad Ashraf. Although I have known Ashraf for around 8 years and Imtiaz for nearly as long, I really didn’t know a lot about them personally and so asked them for a little bit of information about themselves.

Ashraf came from Pakistan to North Cyprus in 1995 and worked at Rafters Restaurant in Ozankőy for Imtiaz Ahmedsome 7 years followed by 1 year at Efendi Restaurant in Girne. Imtiaz, also from Pakistan, moved to North Cyprus in 2004 and after a short time working with Ashraf at Efendi they decided to go into partnership and start a restaurant of their own. They started with a small restaurant in the centre of Ozankőy and named it Al Shaheen where they stayed for approximately one year and when the Mirabelle on the main road in Karakum became available they moved to this location in March 2006 and retained the name Al Shaheen.

It is a really nice comfortable restaurant with a large dining area inside with an open fireplace for log fires in the winter and there is an equally largeDiners at Al Shaheen terrace at the front of the restaurant for summer dining. They have entertainment normally once a week which is always popular for people wanting a nice night out with good food and some music to listen or dance to. There is an extensive a la carte menu which should just about cover everyone’s taste, at very reasonable prices.

On this occasion, it was fairly quiet and I took the opportunity to speak with Imtiaz and Ashraf to see if they would be interested in letting Chris and I do some fund raising for Help Those With Cancer Association – Tulips, at a suitable futuDevon aka Mr Rodeore event. We were delighted to hear that they have a Country Music Spectacular event on Monday 25th June and this is Devon (aka Mr Rodeo), and they said they would be more than happy to let us mingle among the diners to try and raise some funds for this charity during the evening. Devon will be at Al Shaheen for one night only so if you like country and western music, this is the place to go on 25th June.

As well as Devon singing what I am sure will be really popular country and western songs, there could possibly be an additional treat as some of theImtiaz & some of the staff Phoenix Line Dancers may be present, and if there is a sufficient number and Devon sings some of the songs they normally dance to, I am sure they will take the floor to show how line dancing should be done. Perhaps there will be some budding line dancers in the audience who would also like to join in. All in all this looks as if it is going to be a fantastic night.

To avoid disappointment, book a table early by telephoning: 0392 8157390 or 0533 842 2784



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